ACR EPIRB Battery Replacement Free Return Shipping Expand

ACR EPIRB Battery Replacement Free Return Shipping

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Battery Replacement for ACR EPIRB

ACR EPIRB batteries should be replaced every 5 years to ensure proper functioning when needed. Turnaround time can be found in the [Data sheet] tab below and starts from receipt of the unit(s), and when all components are in stock.


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Free Return Shipping to Lower 48 States


Battery replacement service includes a full physical integrity check, pressure test, data transmission test, replacement of seal and o-rings, installation of the new battery, and disposal of the old battery.

Once you make your purchase here, simply send us your unit by UPS, FedEx or US Mail and enclose a copy of your receipt for the battery replacement. Once we receive the unit we will send you a notification online. Once the unit passes the various tests that the manufacturer requires, we will replace the battery and send it back to you insured, via FedEx or UPS. Please note that if your unit fails the inspection tests or is a unit that ACR has declared obsolete, we cannot replace the battery. We will be happy to issue you a refund, less a $25,00 testing charge. If you want the unit back it will be returned back to you in a non working, disassembled state.  Sometimes our inspection process will reveal damage to the unit that you were/are not aware of. This may include small cracks that show up under pressure tests, occluded domes and bad antennas. Sometimes the unit can be repaired for an additional charge...Sometimes it's better to get a new one. 

You cannot have a loose battery sent to you so that you can replace it yourself. We have to replace the battery at our location.

PLB & EPIRB Turnaround Time 5 – 7 Business Days


STEP 1Purchase the service on our website

STEP 2Send us your unit by UPS, FedEx or US Mail, enclose a copy of your receipt.

STEP 3: We receive the unit and send you a notification by email.

STEP 4: We service the unit and make sure it passes all tests

STEP 5: Your device is shipped back to you insured, via FedEx, UPS or USPS Priority Mail 

Turnaround time can be found in the [Data sheet] tab

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Very courteous and satisfying experience. Device was tested, and cleaned well then returned for renewed service


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