Plastimo Crusier Standard Life Raft 4 Person Valise [P54584] Expand

Plastimo Crusier ORC+ Life Raft 4 Person Valise [P35235]




Plastimo Crusier ORC+ Life Raft 4 Person Valise

Designed for moderate navigation conditions up to 50 miles from shore : 0°C inflation temperature, double floor, fluorescent orange canopy supported by self inflating arch, 0.75 cd outside light, retro-reflecting stripes.


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All Plastimo liferafts are manufactured in Lorient (France). Every liferaft is submitted to very stringent quality control procedures, implemented at all production stages :

· Procurement and reception of raw materials
· At each manufacturing step, by skilled technicians
· Final control, through random picking followed by inflation of the raft.

Their philosophy of Safety and their very demanding standards in the production of liferafts have allowed Plastimo to be awarded the official recognition of its quality assurance procedures, according to the ISO 9001 international standards.
The AFAQ/ISO 9001 is an international reference, only awarded after a very serious audit of the company's quality procedures. By obtaining this most valuable certificate, Plastimo confirms that it belongs to the top performing companies on the market, one of those that customers and suppliers trust for quality products and service.

Double chamber :
Plastimo is the only manufacturer who offers the double chamber construction, an exclusive manufacturing process providing a resistance to perforation and abrasion unmatched in the industry.
· outer envelope in 1100 Dx polyester, PVC coated, offering the best resistance to abrasion
· air chamber in polyurethane with an astonishing 600 % stretching capacity, guaranteeing absolute water and airtightness.

Sealed protective envelope :
Remember… it is Plastimo who invented the vacuum-sealed protective envelope, an ingenious technical addition -adopted since by many other manufacturers- which protects perfectly the folded liferaft, within its valise or container.

Double action firing head :
Developed by Plastimo engineers and used on all of their liferaft models, their patented firing head requires minimal pull on the firing lanyard for easy inflation and deployment : it is actuated by hand (10 %) and by gas pressure (90 %). Even a child or an injured person can blow the liferaft open.

Plastimo worldwide service
Plastimo has appointed a large network of service stations throughout the world, to guarantee optimum service wherever your cruise may take you. Carefully selected for their professional service and skilled technicians, these stations are in permanent contact with our Lorient factory and engineers (regular training sessions, common quality assurance procedures…).



Cruiser ORC+ Features:

  • Self inflating canopy arch
  • Double tube design
  • "Tube within a Tube" construction
  • Easy gas actioned firing head
  • One boarding ladder
  • Righting line
  • One rescue line
  • Double floor
  • An outer lifeline and an inside bracing line
  • Two pressure release valves
  • Two topping-up valves
  • Survival equipment in watertight pouch
  • Attached to the life raft Flares, water food, etc
  • Lightweight design
  • Valise
  • 61.6 lbs
  • 27.5" x 16.5" x 10.5"
Weight 61.6 lbs.


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