Zodiac Cadet Roll Up 200 Model Z11009 Expand

6' 7" Zodiac Cadet Roll Up 200 PVC

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  • Compact and easy to stow
  • Progressive-diameter buoyancy-tube for improved stability
  • Removable Rowing Seat
  • Outstanding lifespan
  • Capacity: 2 Persons 
  • 5 years factory warranty!

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Compact and easy to stow in a cockpit locker, the CADET holds its own against bigger models. Its progressive-diameter buoyancy-tube provides improved stability. CADETs have an outstanding lifespan and guarantee a high level of safety for their owners (due to the closure of the float welded and to the glued overlap).

Fitting the slatted floor in the Roll Up series simply involves inflating the buoyancy tubes; stowage is just a matter of folding it into its carrying bag, no need to remove the slats.


  • Removable slats
  • Aluminum engine mounting plate
  • 1 internally-operated bail


  • Strongan™ fabric
  • Easy push valves
  • Handrail
  • 2 oar rests
  • 2 “Safe Clic” swivel oarlocks
  • All-round ribbed rubbing strip
  • Bow handle
  • 2 Stainless steel tow rings
  • Cone reinforcers


  • PVC thermobonded

Standard Equipment

  • “Quick release” removable thwart/seat
  • Reinforced aluminum oars + oarlock and locking ring
  • “Modulo” Carrying bag
  • Foot pump
  • Repair Kit
  • Owner’s manual 

Material PVC
Color White/Gray

6' 7" / 200cm

Weight (PVC) 44lbs / 20kg
Persons 2
Max horsepower 3 HP
Air chambers 2
Floor type Slats
Beam 4'5"
Tube 14"
Stowed Dimensions 3'3" x 1'9" x 11"
Load Capacity 396 lbs  / 180 kg
Length 6'7" (200cm)
Beam 4'5" (135cm)
Persons 2
Color Gray
Tube Diameter 14" (35.5cm)
Capacity 396 lbs / 180 kg
Material PVC
Max horsepower 3 HP
Floor type Air-Filled (Roll-up)
Weight 44 lbs / 20kg

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Factory Warranty Begins on Date of Purchase.

120 years of experience and inventor of the inflatable boat, Zodiac Nautic offers products with exceptional resistance and reliability thanks to the materials and processes that are always at the cutting edge of technology.


Its internal structure in rot-resistant polyester and built with a spar and floors network, guarantees a single-block linking the hull and the deck. This process brings rigidity, favorable to performance and resistance to impact endured while navigating, in all types of loading conditions.


Zodiac Nautic developed a unique industrial process to assemble its buoyancy tubes: thermobonding. This process consists of welding the pieces of Strongan™ material together to offer a perfect material that is both waterproof and durable, almost indestructible. Zodiac Nautic is the only manufacturer to master the welding of all structuring materials of an inflatable boat, thus guaranteeing exceptional longevity and security.


Zodiac Nautic selects with care the materials that build your boats. We follow strict specifications when selecting materials. Zodiac Nautic subjects its new boats to a multitude of tests to ensure safety, stability, comfort, and longevity. Your Zodiac boat will accompany you everywhere for many years to come.

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